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1964                                   born Nairobi, Kenya

Currently                            lives and works in Perth, Australia


2010-present                     PHD, Curtin University, Perth

2002-2003                        Diploma in Multimedia, Sydney TAFE, Sydney, Australia

1992-1993                 Art and Design, Department of Art & Design, London University

1986-1989                         Bachelor of Arts (Honours), St Martins School of Art, London


2016                                   A Strategic Misconception, MARS Gallery, Melbourne

2011                                    KamikazeWasabi, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

2011                                    Let’sGo! Gallery Reis, Singapore

2009                                   Paksploytation,Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

2009                                   A lack of marmalade was my only real grievance, Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai

2008                                   HiteshNatalwala, Nature Morte, New Delhi

2007                                   Let’sTalk, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

2005                                   Jeez,Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

1995                                    Paintings& Works on Paper, Old Bull Arts Centre, London


2016 Tokyo Art Fair, MARS Gallery, Melbourne

2013 SydneyArt Fair, MARS Gallery, Melbourne

2012 HongKong Art Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

2011 HongKong Art Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

SeoulArt Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

2011 HongKong Art Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

2010 Zento Kawaii: The Japanese Affect, Queensland University Art Gallery

2010 HongKong Art Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

2010 AdInfinitum, Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi

2009 HongKong Art Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

2008 HongKong Art Fair, Gallery Barry Keldoulis

Urban Myths and Modern Fables, DorisMcCarthy Gallery, Toronto, Canada

Urban Myths, Modern Fables, 24HrArt, Darwin

gbk and Nature Morte @ Melbourne Art Fair

2007 UrbanMyths & Modern Fables, UTS Gallery, Sydney

ABN Amro Emerging Art Prize, Sydney

2006 theDecember Group, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

LILA PLAY: Contemporary Miniatures and NewArt from South Asia, Span Galleries, Melbourne

GBK @ Melbourne Art Fair, Royal ExhibitionBuilding

ABN Amro Emerging Art Prize, Sydney

2005 InternationalPainting on Paper, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

GBK @ Span, Span Galleries, Melbourne

theDecember Group, Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney

2000 ADifferent Kind of Show, The Whitechapel Gallery, London

1998 Groupshow, Florence Trust, The Gallery, Cork St. London

1993 Two man show of paintings with Martin Grover, Merz Contemporary Art


2014-15 The Jerwood Art Prize (finalist)

2014 TheING Discerning Eye Exhibition (finalist)

2010 TheCity of Joondalup Invitation Art Award (finalist)


1996-1997 FlorenceTrust, London

1993 Art and Design Department, Institute of Education, London University


Art bank (Australia) and various private collections in Australia, America, India, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain.


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