Creative TeamBuilding Activities, 

Engendering Creative Work Places 

in a Fun and Engaging Way.

If you are looking for something different in team building activity for your employees, how about abstract art?

We offer a flexible set of abstract arts workshops that can include a range of drawing, painting collage and sculptural activities. These sessions can be planned over a half day or full day, depending on 

time available.

The workshops are structured for flexible thinking and self-expression, with the emphasis being on fun!

The workshops are built around all the things that foster greater creative thinking in individuals, negotiating with partners and working positively within a team environment.

 Values in art making that can translate to greater productivity in the workplace are:

·      That the creative process is as important if not more so than the outcome, a better-quality product is always going to be a natural outcome of higher quality work done.
·      Underlining the importance of diversity and integration by taking on board all voices in the task, thus enabling a variety of perspectives, insights and learning styles to accelerate the 

problem-solving process.
·       A successful outcome, like a great piece of artwork, is greater than the sum of its parts, and is enabled through creative planning and execution. 

Our workshop leaders are highly experienced in teaching in the arts, as well as generally being professional artists themselves.

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You are in Good Hands!

“Creativity leads to productivity” -Boland Jones, CEO PGi Software.

One of our workshop leaders at the Whitechapel gallery in London.

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